Turkmenistan railways announces tender for the purchase of material and technical resources

Demiryollary Open Joint-Stock Company announces


for the purchase of material and technical resources by the following lots:

Lot № 1 – Spare parts and materials for diesel locomotives.

Lot № 2 – Spare parts and materials for railway carriage.

Lot № 3 – Top Track Materials.

Lot № 4 – Radio communications.

Lot № 5 – Spare parts for measuring railway carriage and track equipment, telescopic cranes and galvanized cables.

You are invited to Demiryollary OJSC:

  • to submit a written application form for participation in the tender, indicating the full name of the participant, its legal status and details, as well as attach to it the registration and charter documents of the applicant, power of attorney and copy of the passport of the applicant’s representative;
  • to obtain the lot specifications and technical requirements;
  • get package of tender documents. Pay 575 US dollars (including 75 dollars - VAT) for each lot.

The account for the transfer of funds will be specified while submitting a written application.

Packages with tender proposals will be accepted for consideration only after the receipt of funds to the account of Demiryollary OJSC.

Note: from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore zones, tender documents will not be accepted.

Tender documents must be provided separately in two packages (technical and commercial proposal) at the indicated address from 15.00 to 18.00 local time daily in office 108, Demiryollary OJSC (2nd floor).

The deadline for submission of tender proposals is 30 (thirty) business days from the date of publication of the announcement.

Information phones: (+99312) 38-34-78; 38-31-04; fax: 38-34-78.

Beyik Saparmurat Turkmenbashi Avenue, 7, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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