Khazar Consortium announces tender for the services

Khazar Consortium, consisting of the State Concern Turkmennebit and Mitro International Limited, operating in accordance with the terms of the Production Sharing Agreement in the Khazar Contractual territory (East Cheleken Field), announces tender by the following lot:

Lot № 1 – Provision of catering services for "Khazar" Consortium and service maintenance of the office and hotel complex "Khazar" in Balkanabat.

To participate in the marketing survey within ten calendar days (until 18.00 local time) from the date of publication of the announcement, you must:

  • pay the fee for participation in the tender. The fee for participation in the tender is 250.00 USD (two hundred fifty US dollars). VAT is not levied in accordance with the terms of the PSA and the Law of Turkmenistan "On Hydrocarbon Resources";

Payment details:

The branch of company Mitro International Limited in Turkmenistan.

Foreign currency account in State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan 23203000220184900169000.

Tax code 302341000023.

Corr.account 21101840110100100003000.

BIC 390101201.


Banking expenses - at the expense of the applicant.

  • prepare written application for participation in the tender (in any form);
  • receive the terms of the tender (personal delivery to the addresses indicated below). To obtain the terms of the tender and the specification of the lot, it is necessary to submit document confirming the payment of the fee for participation in the tender, written application and document confirming the authority of the company representative.

Providing clarifying information, familiarization with the content of the Application and reception of applications is carried out at the following addresses:

1. A. Novayi street 100, 3rd floor, representative office of the company Mitro International Limited, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000.

Information phones: + 99312 44 33 00, fax: + 99312 44 33 01.

E-mail: asbmitro@asb.mitro-int.com; asbmitro@mitromos.com;

2. St. Marksistskaya, d.14 / 16, 1, Moscow Representative Office of Mitro International Limited, Moscow, RF, 109147.

Information phones: +7 495 788 55 60, fax+7 495 748 32 31.

E-mail: mitro13@mitromos.com; marketing@ mitromos.com;

A. Novayi street 100, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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