Branch of PJSC Tatneft in Turkmenistan announces tender for the purchase of wagon-house

The branch of PJSC Tatneft in Turkmenistan, operating in accordance with the terms of the Supplementary Agreement to the Contract, announces TENDER in the national currency of Turkmenistan (manat) or US dollars according to the specification by the following lots:

Lot № 1 – Purchase and installation of a wagon-house Санузел in the amount of 1 piece.

Lot № 2 – Purchase and installation of drinking water tank 25m3.

Lot № 3 – Construction of septic tank.

To participate in the tender, you are invited to the office of the branch of PJSC Tatneft in Turkmenistan:

  • submit written application on the applicant’s official form addressed to the branch director about the desire to participate in the tender, signed by an authorized person and sealed with the full name of the participant, his legal status, country of registration and details (from companies registered or having bank accounts in offshore zones, applications are not accepted);
  • get a specification for the product.

Tender proposals are accepted within 15 (fifteen) business days from the date of publication of the announcement until 18.00 local time.

The package of commercial (tender) proposals must be submitted in envelopes in duplicate.

Information phone: +993 222 64366.

E-mail: filial_turkmen@mail.ru;

T.Satylova 59, Balkanabat, Balkan velayat, Turkmenistan
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