Khazar Consortium announces tender for purchase of spare parts

Khazar Consortium, consisting of the Turkmen National Oil and Gas Company (NaPeCo) CJSC and Mitro International Limited, operating in accordance with the terms of the Production Sharing Agreement in the Khazar Contractual territory (East Cheleken Field), is conducting a marketing survey for the purchase of spare parts for the ASPTN (АСПТН) system at the East Cheleken field according to the following Application:

Application No. 56 dated June 21, 2021 - Spare parts for ASPTN (АСПТН) system (2 positions).

To participate in the marketing survey within ten calendar days (before 18-00 local time) from the date of publication of the announcement, parties must:

  • prepare the request of the applicant to participate in the marketing survey (in any form signed by authorized persons and sealed by the company, indicating the contact information and e-mail addresses) and send to the email addresses;
  • for entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan it is necessary to have registration in the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and provide the copy of the certificate.

The provision of clarifying information, familiarization with the content of the application and receipt of applications is carried out via e-mail or at the following addresses:

1. Atamurat Annaniyaz ogly street, quarter 216, office of the Khazar Consortium, Balkanabat, Turkmenistan, 745100.

Information phones:

+993 62 59 22 31

+993 61 76 54 88

2. St. Marksistskaya, d.14/16, 1, Moscow Representative Office of Mitro International Limited, Moscow, RF, 109147.

Information phones:

+7 495 788 55 60


+7 495 748 32 31


mitro13@mitromos.com; sergey.radko@mitromos.com; marketing@mitromos.com;

Balkanabat, Balkan velayat, Turkmenistan
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