Turkmen Chemicals announces international tender

Türkmenhimiýa (Turkmen Chemicals) State Concern on behalf of the tender Commission announces an international tender for the development of a feasibility study for the construction of a chemical complex for the integrated development of hydromineral raw materials in the Garabogaz Lake, Garabogaz city, Balkan velayat, Turkmenistan

Parties are invited to the address of Turkmenhimiya SC to:

  • submit a written application (from companies registered or having Bank accounts in offshore zones, applications are not accepted) about the desire to participate in the tender with the full name of the participant, its legal status, country of registration and details;
  • receive package of tender documents by paying $1,150 (one thousand one hundred fifty) including VAT or the equivalent in manats at the rate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan (for residents of Turkmenistan) for each package of documents.

Tender proposals are accepted within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement.
Information phones:
(+99312) 39-01-64
(+99312) 39-01-73

Archabil Avenue 132, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan​
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