Mary International Airport announces tender for purchase of equipment filter elements

Mary International Airport of the Türkmenhowaýollary announces an open tender for the provision of necessary goods

1. Purchasing the following filter elements for cleaning aviation fuel TS-1:

  • FAUDI P.3-842/3001388 — 5 (five) pieces;
  • FAUDI MF5.3-559/8804619 — 7 (seven) pieces;
  • FAUDI P.7-965 — 5 (five) pieces;

To participate in the tender, interested parties must provide the following documents:

  • submit an application for participation in the tender indicating the full name of the applicant for participation, legal status, legal address and details, contact numbers of the applicant's representative;
  • information about the company's experience in this area;
  • letter of attorney issued by the company to participate in this tender.

Tender proposals are accepted at the specified address in the marketing and contracts department of the Mary International Airport within 10 (ten) days from the date of publication of this announcement from 09:00 to 18:00 local time.

Phones for information:

+993 (522) 6-31-20

+993 (62) 98-99-33

Shajahan street 1 "A", Mary, Turkmenistan
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