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Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) searches for Training Administrator I

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Training Administrator I

Requisition ID 1484 - Posted 09/28/2022 - Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Limited - DOTL-Hazar

Job Purpose

Effective COE administration and providing support during training activities

Job Responsibilities

Main responsibilities and Liabilities:

  • Maintain, storing and ordering of purchase if required of all equipment, furniture, stationery and classrooms of the company’s Centre of Excellence;
  • Prepare training handouts and required stationery for training events organized in Centre of Excellence.
  • Administer Training request forms approving process;
  • Register all in / out correspondence, write letters. Keep department documentation and equipment in accordance with company rules and its policies;
  • Keep records of department employees work schedule and submit Timesheet to HR before 23 date of each month;
  • Maintain employee training records, attendance sheet and keep copies of issued certificates;
  • Preparation of any kind of reports related to training activities;
  • Handle logistics for training activities including venues and equipment and coffee-shop delivery stuff;
  • Arranged meetings hold by department head (preparing of presentation, updating participants about meeting agenda and venue, registration them and taking notes for Minutes of meeting);
  • Ensure effective customer service for COE visitors and comfortable conditions for them;
  • Any other tasks and duties assigned by Supervisor

The employee is responsible for:

  • For non-fulfillment (improper performance) of the duties stipulated by job description, in the range of identified by Turkmenistan legislation.
  • For implementation in process of carrying out works violations in range of identified by the administrative, criminal and civil legislation of Turkmenistan.
  • For causing material damages - in the range identified by the labor, criminal and civil laws of Turkmenistan.


Must Know:

  • Names and job titles of company’s management and its structural units;
  • ompany policies and regulations for effective administration of paperwork;
  • Familiar with rules for utilizing of computers and other equipment;
  • English language proficiency on level B1-B2 (according to CEF).
  • Skilled in MS Office software – Excel, Word and Power Point.
  • Have knowledge of training vendors and providers inside / outside Turkmenistan.
  • Excellent communication skills: Russian, English, Turkmen.

Eligibility criteria

  • Secondary-Specialized (knowledge of administration work) or Higher education (any),
  • Have knowledge and skills in office administration, keeping records of incoming and outgoing correspondence,
  • Proficient in Soft wear applications of the MS Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, etc,,
  • Be sociable, demonstrate good organizational and planning skills,
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be able to speak English, Russian and Turkmen language


  • Annual Work Program and Budget (WP&B)
  • Audit Process
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Data Management
  • Corporate Code of Conduct
  • Department Objectives and KPIs
  • Digital Copyrights
  • Document Control (Technical)
  • Electronic Document Management - Business Documents
  • Leadership
  • Management of Change
  • Market Economics, Supply and Demand
  • Organization and Management of Meetings
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Project HSSE Review (PHSSER)
  • Report writing
  • Software Skills - MS Office
  • Standard Operating Procedures

To get additional information and apply for the position, please follow the link.

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