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UNICEF searches for Individual National Consultancy on institutionalization of medico-social work curriculum


Position: Individual National Consultancy on institutionalization of the medico-social work curriculum

Contract type: Consultancy

Level: Consultancy

Location: Turkmenistan

Categories: Education

Deadline: 28 Jan 2022 West Asia Standard Time

Purpose of Activity/Assignment:

Turkmenistan childcare priorities and policies promote equity-based approach with a strong focus on addressing the rights of vulnerable children and their families. The National Plan of Action for Realization of Children’s Rights in Turkmenistan for 2018-2022, joint UN-GoT programme on improving the system of social protection through the introduction of inclusive quality community-based social services for 2020-2022 (output 3) and National Early Childhood Development (ECD) Strategy for 2020-2025 promote development of a system of integrated social services for vulnerable young children and their families. Importantly, the national ECD Strategy for 2020-2025 is focused on strengthening cross-sectoral integration and on multidisciplinary approaches to address vulnerabilities stemming from risks to survival and development of young children.

Introduction of the above new course in the curriculum is an important step in building the institutional capacity of thecountry to support the on-going shift from the medical to social model of disability and overall mainstreaming disability inclusion in Turkmenistan due to the following:

1. the course and the overall medico-social work curriculum provides conceptual understanding of disability based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and social model of disability vs. Currently prevailing medical model which leads to discrimination, marginalization, segregation, institutionalization and, overall violation of fundamental human rights of people with disability

2. the graduates of this 5 years (undergraduate) course will be equipped with the modern evidence-informed concepts of policy and interventions aiming at inclusion of PwD (including CwD and their families), such as:

  • equity based standard provisions and guidelines with relevant legal aspects
  • technology of professional work in the area of social rehabilitation and habilitation
  • assistive technologies (AT) and (AP) products
  • support for development of communication for PwD
  • introduction to physical therapy for PwD
  • introduction to occupational therapy for PwD
  • mental health for children of early age
  • social rehabilitation for people with various types of disabilities
  • early childhood intervention (ECI), various ECI modalities, and inclusive education as significant parts of the social rehabilitation
  • multilevel prevention of disability
  • community based work, advocacy and support for PwD
  • monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of programmes for PwD.

3. the planned post-graduate and in-service training courses (as part of overall medico-social work education) aimed to ensure set of modern knowledge, skills and competencies required for provision of integrated social services for children and families will be elaborated in the areas of:

  • psychology (general, family, social, clinical psychology, psychosocial support for young children and their families)
  • communication
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • trans-disciplinary teamwork for CwD and their families
  • assistive technologies (AT) and products (AP)

4. hence, the newly developed curriculum aims to nurture the new cadre of professionals and human resources who will obtain the competencies necessary for planning and leading work on promoting systemic changes and policy reform for mainstreaming disability inclusion and integrated social services for vulnerable children and families within both, ECD sector, and overall social sectors (health, education, social protection) which will include:

  • alignment of relevant legislative provisions and bylaws, normative guidelines, and standards with the principles of social and human rights model of disability
  • reform of disability assessment and referral system for PwD in the country including a system of a medical social expertise (MSEC) under the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry which currently enforces a strong medicalized approach to disability with further discrimination, marginalization, segregation and institutionalization of PwD including CwD and their families
  • planning, organizing and leading implementation of various service provisions for PwD (including CwD and their families) based on trans-disciplinary and case management approaches, and guided by the principles of cross-sectoral referral and integration
  • support development of a cross-sectoral system of ATs and APs for PwD; assessment of needs for AT, planning, developing, and implementing comprehensive AT programmes for various types of disability, monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of AT programmes - specialists’ support and provisions in various disciplines (psychology including psycho-social counselling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, communication) as well as comprehensive service provisions (based on trans-disciplinary team and case management approaches) for vulnerable people and their families including PwD
  • monitor and evaluate effectiveness of various programmes and provisions for PwD (including CwD and
  • their families)
  • support policy and institutional changes in the frameworks of strengthening family support system, preventing institutionalization and promoting deinstitutionalization
  • advocacy for and technical advice on various issues pertaining to enforcement of rights of people with disabilities and their families in line with the principles of the CRPD and the overall vision and requirements articulated in the SG United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS)

To get additional information and apply for the position, please enter the following link: jobs.unicef.org/en-us/job/547743/individual-national-consultancy-on-institutionalization-of-the-medicosocial-work-curriculum

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