Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) searches for Drilling Supervisor


Drilling Supervisor

Requisition ID 1563 - Posted 01/05/2023 - Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Limited - DOTL-Hazar

Job Purpose

  • Implement approved drilling programs through wellsite management of drilling rig operations.
  • Ensure that operations are carried out in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner, in accordance with company policies and procedures, regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Job Responsibilities

Drilling rig operations: Implement the approved drilling program on behalf of Dragon Oil and oversee wellsite activities.

  • Provide input into the drilling program based on practical experience, technical expertise and knowledge of local conditions, and ask for clarifications where needed.
  • Work with site contractor and service company representatives to achieve safe, timely and efficient move-in, rig-up, rig-down and move-out operations.
  • Evaluate drilling parameters, well trajectory information and wellsite geological data to determine whether operations are on track with well plan. Recommend operational modifications as needed to optimize drilling performance.
  • Study bit, bottom hole assembly, mud system and hydraulics performance and recommend areas for improvement.
  • Provide on-site supervision of critical operations, such as fishing, logging, coring, running and cementing casing, and perforating, well testing or well control procedures.
  • Oversee well control activities, including installation and testing of blowout prevention equipment, maintaining prerecorded well data, generation of mud weight schedules and weighting material requirements, conducting pit drills and implementation of shut-in and well killing procedures.
  • Monitor well expenditures and contractor and service company performance. Assist in controlling well costs.
  • Manage service contracts by monitoring and reporting on the performance of contractors and service companies. Ensure that their equipment is well maintained and properly operated, that personnel are competent and that operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

HSE awareness and compliance: Maintain safe and environmentally friendly wellsite operations in accordance with company policy and statutory requirements.

  • Promote wellsite awareness of company HSE policies and directives.
  • Ensure that each company employee, contractor employee or visitor at the wellsite has received a formal site orientation and safety induction in accordance with company HSE policy.
  • Participate in toolbox safety meetings on a regular basis and prior to operations that require specialized safety instruction.
  • Ensure that company employees, contractor employees and visitors to the wellsite possess the certifications and/or training required for their respective job roles.

Liaison and coordination.

  • Review all planned well operations with drilling engineering and operations teams (both in Dubai and Hazar) and with contractor and service company site representatives in order to ensure maximum operating efficiency, effective forward planning and the continued safety of all personnel.
  • Coordinate with operations geology staff and reservoir engineering staff regarding the scheduling and execution of well logging, coring, formation testing and other wellsite activities.
  • Participate in logistical planning to ensure that the materials, equipment and personnel needed to implement the various steps of the drilling program are on site when needed. Communicate material and logistical requirements related to wellsite operations, personnel dispatch and materials acquisition, storage and transport.
  • Maintain effective and proper working relationships with contractors and service companies to ensure that company requirements are understood and met in terms of expected standards of quality and performance.

Reporting: Prepare reports in support of department activities.

Coaching, Training and Mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.


  • Bachelors Degree in Petroleum or Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 7 years of experience in offshore rig operations. Demonstrated experience working in remote areas and dealing with logistics challenges.


  • Company HSE Policy
  • Drilling, Completion and Workover
  • Well Control (Drilling)
  • Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS)
  • Drilling Bits
  • Well Preparation
  • Drilling Problems and Optimization
  • Drilling Fluids and Circulating System
  • Completion Fluids
  • Well Programming and Drilling Procedures
  • Review of Contractor and Supplier Invoices
  • Wireline Operations
  • Directional and Horizontal Drilling
  • Rotary Drilling
  • HSE Audit
  • Well Completion Design and Equipment
  • Waste Management - Drilling
  • Well Control (Workover)

Certifications: IWCF Well Control Certification (Supervisor, surface stack)

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