UNFPA Turkmenistan searches for national consultant for the development of mobile applications


Title: Individual consultancy services (national) on mobile app development for clinical protocols in obstetrics and family planning for health providers

Hiring Office: UNFPA Turkmenistan CO (as a lead agency)

Purpose of consultancy:

To develop a mobile app for updated clinical protocols in obstetrics and gynecology, family planning available in offline mode at the android mobile phones


The quality and timely maternal health services are crucial for further reducing maternal mortality especially in the regions. UNFPA has published the clinical protocols and the Ministry of Health’s orders in the area of RH and distributed them to about 75% of the staff who need them in their work.

However, during the monitoring trips conducted in June-July 2022 it was noted that up to 30% of staff employed have no those protocols in printed versions for different reasons such as loss or were not given the staff etc. In addition, there were up to 15% of turnover rate by young specialists’ newcomers who need these protocols most. Majority of all obstetricians up to 90% have the mobile phones based on Android system. Taking this into account, it is reasonable to upload the digital versions in ready to read format with easy to find option on mobile phones of obstetricians to make them available wherever they are 24/7. Mobile app introduced will allow also having the digital database of all obstetricians in the country with registering those who and how often read the protocols. There also be an option of knowledge assessment at the end of the protocol which will allow to keep track of the obstetricians’ knowledge. Access to the Ministry’s orders and clinical protocols to be limited to only those obstetricians who registered in the system. Having digital versions of the publications would be green solution for making protocols available everywhere with doctors. This also would shorten the time needed for making decision and adequate intervention in emergency obstetric situation which eventually will contribute to saving lives and having better health outcomes for mothers and women.

This initiative will be implemented in joint cooperation between UNFPA and UNDP Turkmenistan on development of digital solutions on making medical protocols available for TB doctors and obstetricians in Turkmenistan.

Scope of work:

IT specialist will be working with UNFPA RH NPO and national specialists to transfer the files from PDF version to Word and then further developing the mobile app for uploading the files. IT specialist will advise in advance to RH NPO on any challenges to be arisen and on steps/phases of project implementation as per the following stages:

  1. Structure and Design
  2. Integrating with back-end and storing data
  3. Maintenance & Testing


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a similar field.
  • At least 2 years of experience developing mobile applications for Android, with proven projects shipping high quality software to customers.
  • Experience with Flutter/Dart is preferred.
  • Knowledge of web technologies and networking protocols, interacting with device APIs using HTTP or Web sockets.
  • Experience in client communication to clarify requirements, take feedback and improve the codebase for future upgrades
  • Teamwork experience. Ability to work well with product managers, fellow team members, and other teams
  • The following knowledge is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of OOPs concepts and their implementations in Dart.
  • Familiarity using version control tools like Git. Using Flutter DevTools to profile and optimize the app

To get additional information and apply for the position, please follow the link.

UNFPA in Turkmenistan