Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) searches for Diver I


Diver I

Requisition ID 1847 - Posted 04/10/2023 - Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Limited - DOTL-Hazar

Job Purpose

Repair, maintenance and inspection of underwater parts of oil platforms, underwater pipelines, vessels and other offshore/inshore facilities involved in oil and gas production and transportation. Other work for which the dive(s) are required, not going beyond the scope of the applicable diving regulations

Job Responsibilities

  • Drawing up depth plans with determination of soil characteristics.
  • Carry out of complex measurements in the survey of sunken ships.
  • Installation of heads and bodies weighing over 50 tons.
  • Control of TV camera units during the inspection of ships and hydro technical structures.
  • Drawing up and producing of contour stencils and volume moulds of holes and damage to ship hulls underwater parts of hydro technical structures.
  • Marking the locations of tunnels, pits and beds.
  • Supervision of the placement of patches on holes.
  • Cutting and welding of metal under water.
  • Blasting operations under water.
  • Change of propellers or their blades.
  • Repair and replacement of sensors of electro-radio navigation and search devices installed on the hulls of ships.
  • Works to eliminate the water leakage of the underwater hull of an emergency vessel.
  • Slinging ship-lifting pontoons and hooks gin tackle.
  • Fastening of ship-lifting slings and other lifting devices, alignment and lashing of ship-lifting pontoons.
  • Connecting hoses to ship-lifting pontoons.
  • Practical training of divers in their work specialization group.
  • Performing all complex emergency rescue, ship, ship repair, ship lifting and other diving operations.
  • Supervision of all types of diving search operations related to the detection and recovery of victims from the water.
  • improper fulfillment or non-fulfillment of his duties stipulated by this job description - within the limits defined by the labor legislation of Turkmenistan;
  • offenses committed in the course of his activities - within the limits defined by current administrative, criminal and civil legislation of Turkmenistan;
  • property damage - within the limits of the existing labor, criminal and civil legislation of Turkmenistan;
  • violation of the rules and regulations, regulating the activities of the company;
  • When transferring to another job or dismissal is responsible for the proper and timely delivery of affairs to the person entering the current position, and in the absence thereof, to his replacement or directly to his manager;
  • compliance with internal company regulations, safety rules and fire safety.


  • Eligibility Criteria: A person who has complete general secondary education and special diving training in a diving school (in courses) is appointed to the position. Work experience as a diver for at least 6 years.

Diver 7th grade (1st class 1-2nd groups of specialization) must know:

  • organization of operations and supervision of a diving station or a group of diving stations at depths of up to 60 m;
  • rules for the technical maintenance of diving gear and diving support equipment;
  • safety regulations for diving operations;
  • diving operations performing techniques applicable to qualification;
  • work site arrangement procedures;
  • rules for the use and repair of all types of diving equipment used in their specialization group, except for assemblies, mechanisms and devices serviced by mechanics, electricians and other specialists;
  • principles of the design and use of television and other radio equipment used by divers under water;
  • soil characteristics and the procedures for their determination;
  • main types of accidents of underwater parts of hydro technical structures;
  • the procedure and rules for inspecting the technical condition of underwater parts of hydro technical structures, performing repair and emergency restoration works at these structures.;
  • reading complex drawings;
  • designs of complex hydro technical structures;
  • operating rules for underwater bed and slope levelers;
  • the principle of operation of electric welding machines and apparatus for welding and cutting metal under water;
  • rules for servicing electric welding machines, basic properties of metals being welded;
  • basic properties of gases and liquids used in cutting and welding of metals under water (for gas cutters, electric welders);
  • purpose of electrical measuring instruments and devices, used for control;
  • the main properties and features of the explosive materials and equipment used and safety precautions when handling them (for shot-firers);
  • basic concepts on the theory of ship structure, ship stability, calculations for lifting sunken ships and placing ship-lifting pontoons along the length of a sunken ship;
  • diving technology for lifting sunken ships and cargo;
  • internal regulations of the Dragon Oil (Turkmenistan) Ltd.;
  • basics of labor law;
  • rules on labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire safety;
  • rules for using personal protective equipment;
  • requirements for the quality of work (services) performed, for the rational organization of labor in the workplace.


  • Offshore Pipeline Construction
  • Department Objectives and KPIs
  • Welding and Cutting Safety Procedures
  • Offshore Integrity Systems Management
  • Offshore Facilities Inspection Planning and Execution
  • Electrical Arc Welding and Cutting

Certifications: N/A

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