US Embassy searhes for Maintenance Mechanic - Plumbing (NEC)

График работы:

Announcement Number: ASHGABAT-2024-011

Hiring Agency: US Embassy in Turkmenistan

Position Title: Maintenance Mechanic - Plumbing (NEC) - Open to All Interested/ All Sources (LE-1210)

Open Period: 06/12/2024 - 06/19/2024

Series/Grade: LE - 1210 6

Salary: USD $15,910 /Per Year

Work Schedule: Full-time - 40 hours/week, Monday- Friday

Full Performance Grade - LE-06

Duty Location(s): 1 Vacancy in Ashgabat, TM

Qualifications and Evaluations

EXPERIENCE: A minimum of three (3) years' experience working as a journey-level plumber in the repair and maintenance of plumbing/mechanical systems in commercial or industrial facilities is required. Must have experience working with PVC, CPVC, copper, galvanized, concrete, and black pipe; circulation and well pumps, and water treatment equipment.

JOB KNOWLEDGE: The incumbent is required to have a thorough, technical understanding of major building plumbing/mechanical systems and equipment, with a specialty in plumbing systems. Familiarization with general mechanical systems, including domestic hot and cold-water piping systems, wastewater piping systems and vent stacks, storm water management systems, chilled water systems, water treatment facilities, swimming pool equipment, fire suppression systems, compressed air systems, and irrigation systems is required. Familiarization with the many different types of pipe and fittings (PVC and CPVC, copper, galvanized, concrete, black, etc.) is required. Must know how to diagnose the root cause of a problem and what materials and equipment will be needed to facilitate repairs. Must know how to work safely on equipment, systems, and associated components including the use of lock-out / tag-out safety measure. Knowledge of IBC standards, and fire and life safety codes are required.

EDUCATION: Completion of secondary school is required. Completion of vocational training program from an accredited institute recognized as producing journeyman level plumbers and mechanical system specialists trained in the maintenance of commercial or industrial buildings/facilities is required. Training through a recognized apprenticeship program provided by a trade union is considered acceptable.

LANGUAGE: Please indicate your level of language skill for all required languages listed below.  Applicants who do not indicate that they meet the language level as listed below may be disqualified from consideration.

English level III (Good working knowledge Reading). In order to translate local technical information, contract documents, and correspondences from the local language into English for the Supervising Building Engineer and the Facility Manager. This may be tested.
Candidates may present language scores from a certifying language body in lieu of language testing prior the interview. For a language certification score to be accepted in lieu of language testing, the score must be from an accepted language institute.  Accepted language institutes include: TOEIC, TOEFL, IBT, IELTS, FSI, CamLa, CEFR, MET, Bertlitz, MClass. Language ability, both written and spoken, may be tested during the interview process.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The incumbent must be skilled at reading and interpreting technical documents including layout drawings, as-built drawings, riser diagrams, equipment schedules, operations and maintenance manuals, and other manufacturer’s literature.  The incumbent shall have the skills and abilities in the following areas: diagnosing and repairing filtration systems, water pumps, hot and cold water systems; testing potable water system components, monitoring of chemical and salt injection systems, and taking equipment readings with various meters; use of hand tools, power tools, and specialty tools to determine appropriate repairs.  Additional skills include installation and repair to the various types of plumbing pipe such as PVC and CPVC, copper, galvanized, concrete, and black pipe; distinguishing frequencies and sounds, color codes and odors in the operation of equipment in order to troubleshoot for repairs.  Additional abilities include responding to emergency situations in an efficient and timely manner to effect immediate repairs; work in various adverse conditions such as tight or enclosed spaces, on ladders at various heights, and in temperature extremes, indoors or outdoors to complete work assignments; communicate orally and in writing with co-workers, contractors and vendors to obtain and provide pertinent information. Must be computer literate, able to navigate through the Microsoft Office Suite software including MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point; able to draft reports and create spreadsheets, and able to write e-mails and research information on the Internet.  A valid driver’s license is required.  Must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to handle a large workload and multiple tasks.  Must be organized.

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