CNPC branch in Turkmenistan announces tender

Branch of CNPC International Turkmenistan is going to make pre-qualification process to

Tender №. CIT-20068-SR

Testing, maintenance and repair of wells, installation and maintenance of an underground throttle valve.

This tender process includes the following services:

Lot No. 1 - Maintenance and inspection for wellheads: due to long-term production in difficult conditions - high pressure, highly acidic gas components, highly saline formation waters, erosion-corrosion phenomena in the body and seals of flat valves, throttling and downhole safety valves required for regularly inspecting and inspecting the degree of wellhead corrosion, erosion, repair of defective components, and regular maintenance and servicing of the wellhead.

Lot No. 2 - Installation and adjustment of the throttle valve: some gas wells are prone to abnormal conditions:

  1. Ice formation in winter due to too low pipeline temperature downstream of the wellhead choke.
  2. Gas production in the well declines and effusion occurs at the bottom of the well, affecting normal gas production in the well. Install an underground choke to optimize the production state of gas wells, to increase the temperature of the wellhead, reduce effusion, to ensure the normal production of gas pipelines. Includes all design and construction costs, installation of underground throttles, commissioning and removal.

Any company who is interested in this tender can apply for participation. The application for tender participation shall include the following document and information in English Russian:

  • Application for participation in the tender indicating the number and name of the tender process;
  • Brief Company introduction about company with mentioning full name of company and legal status, registration documents;
  • Provision of three-year financial audit reports;
  • Experience in provision of the supervision services for the oil & gas fields for the last three years;
  • Brief information on the availability of specialists and engineers with at least 5 years of experience in the field of well maintenance and repair;
  • Brief information about the availability of machinery and equipment for performing similar work;
  • Brief information about the availability of instruments in the field of ultrasound scanning and the thickness of the metry;
  • Brief information about the presence of the base near the Bagtiyarlyk contract area;
  • Provision of the certificate of Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan for local company.

Contact Person: Ms. Narine Simonyan

E-Mail: Narine.Simonyan@cnpcag.com

Phone No: +993-12-44 54 34

Fax No: +993-12-44 50 44

Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue 553/3, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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