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Are you ready to grow your business with BT? 

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BT connects established businesses, start-up companies, investors, entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, and consumers to a dynamic network of news, information and ideas by accurately delivering business information, news and insights to audiences in Turkmenistan and around the world in Turkmen, English and Russian languages.

Our dedicated team of marketing professionals works closely with each individual partner to create advertising packages as unique as your business. Whether it’s local buyers nearby or international exporters, we help you reach the right audience in a way that resonates.

Currently, we support the following types of ad formats:

Banners: An image that is placed outside of an article (ex: in the footer, sidebar, etc).

Sponsored Post: You provide us with an article and we publish it. The article must follow our editorial policy.

Sponsored Post (written by us): We write an article about your product or service. The article, along with its content (text, images) offer the product for purchase through an external site or store. 

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