US Embassy in Turkmenistan searches for Guard (OBO)


Announcement Number: ASB-2024-008-OBO Guard

Hiring Agency: US Embassy in Ashgabat

Position Title: Guard (OBO) - Open to All Interested/ All Sources (LE-0710)

Open Period: 06/04/2024 - 06/14/2024

Series/Grade: LE - 0710 3

Salary: USD $11,975 /Per Year

Work Schedule: Full-time - Extended work schedule: 36-48 hours/week. Employee is expected to work 3-4 12 hour shifts each week. Night shift will be required on rotation. Work on holidays will be required.

Full Performance Grade - LE-03.

Duty Location(s): 12 Vacancy in Ashgabat, TM


Provides security for Embassy personnel and facilities by conducting access control and visitor screening duties as a member of a local guard program. Prevents unauthorized access, protects life, maintains order, deters criminal attacks against employees, dependents and property and terrorist acts against all U.S. assets, and prevent damage to Government property. Protects U.S. Government personnel, facilities, and equipment from damage or loss.

Security Guard and Access Control:

  • Remains alert at all times, carries out the duties of his/her assigned post, and safeguard all U.S. Government property in view.
  • Controls all pedestrian, vehicle and package access to U.S. Government facilities, confirming authorized access using procedural security standards, and preventing entry of any unauthorized persons, vehicles and packages.
  • Screens and inspects all visitors and vehicles by using appropriate security equipment, such as walk-through metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, explosive trace detectors (Itemizer), X-ray machines, radiation detection devices, screening mirrors, and flashlights.
  • Maintains a log of all approved visitors and vehicles (i.e., license plate numbers).

Perimeter Inspection:

  • Conducts a perimeter inspection (Foot/Roving/Mobile Patrol) of U.S. Government facilities and immediately reports any suspicious persons, items, or activity via chain of command.
  • Monitors and operates radio equipment to communicate security-related information to other guards, guard supervisors, Marine Security Guard (MSG) personnel, and RSO personnel.
  • Coordinates enforcement of mission security standards with Host Country Police personnel assigned to the Embassy when responding to suspicious persons/items, civil disturbances, acts of crime, or terrorist incidents that threaten the safety of mission personnel or facilities.

Safety use of security equipment

  • Responsible for the proper use and care of all security equipment.
  • Security Assistance
  • Provides security assistance at mission-related special events or during emergencies/critical incidents at U.S. Government facilities.

Qualifications and Evaluations

EXPERIENCE: No prior working experience is required.

SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Ability to understand security control panel and to operate emergency alarms and the public address system. Ability to use state-of-the-art security and radio communication equipment. Ability to use Automated External Defibrillator. Ability to use fire extinguisher. Ability to use personal protective equipment. Ability to walk and/or stand in a wide variety of weather conditions for an extended period of time. Ability to work flexible shift schedules, to include nights, days, weekend, and/or holidays.

EDUCATION: Completion of secondary education, high school diploma or equivalent is required.

LANGUAGE:  Please indicate your level of language skill for all required languages listed below.  Applicants who do not indicate that they meet the language level as listed below may be disqualified from consideration.

English level I (Rudimentary) Speaking/Writing/Reading is required. This may be tested.

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US Embassy in Turkmenistan