Tender for the selection of contractors for the supply of goods, work and services

1. Lot № 300. Purchase of special software for the Ministry's documentation turnover system.

Buyer: Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan.

2. Lot № 765. Purchase of 1100 pieces of LED illuminators for replace of old switchgear, LCD lighting to more modern LED illuminators in the streets Gurbansoltan eje, Beyik Yupek Yoly, Makhtumkuli shayoly in the city of Balkanabat of Balkan velayat.

Buyer: Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan.

3. Lot № 777. Purchase of necessary goods.

Buyer: The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan.

4. Lot № 787. Purchase of construction goods and equipment for construction work on the 2nd sidewalk Shagadam of the east, west and north side of the government hotel in the city of Dashoguz and for the overhaul of G. Atamedov street in the city of Boldumsaz of the Dashoguz velayat.

Buyer: Khyakimlik of the Dashoguz velayat.

5. Lot № 799.

Purchase of necessary equipment and spare parts for the desalination plant of sea water with the capacity of 50,000 cubic meters per day and the biological sewage treatment plant with the capacity of 70,000 cubic meters per day of management of Türkmenbaşyagyzsuw under the association Balkanwelaýatagyzsuw.

Buyer: Khyakimlik of the Balkan velayat.

Proposals are accepted on September 24, 2019. Information about documents for participation in the tender, terms of delivery of goods (works, services), volume and other materials can be obtained by contacting the tender group in the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan.

Information phones: 39-46-32; 39-46-38.

Archabil Avenue 156, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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