Turkmenistan Joins International Anti-Corruption Organisation Agreement

Turkmenistan Joins International Anti-Corruption Organisation Agreement
Presentation of the Certificate of Accession of Turkmenistan to the Agreement on the Establishment of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, November 8, 2023, Vienna, Austria (Photo: Embassy of Turkmenistan in Austria)

Turkmenistan has received a certificate of accession to the Agreement on establishing the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) as an international organisation. The certificate was presented during a ceremony held on Thursday at the building of the Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs of the Republic of Austria. 

According to the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Austria, participants at the event engaged in discussions regarding anti-corruption initiatives at both the international and national levels. Representatives from Turkmenistan and Austria exchanged their perspectives on this matter and acknowledged the potential opportunities presented by the International Anti-Corruption Academy.

The International Anti-Corruption Academy was established as an international organisation and started its work in 2010. The Academy has also been granted observer status to participate in the work of the UN General Assembly. The Academy has parallel activities in cooperation with the United Nations and related organisations such as UNODC, INTERPOL, OSCE and OECD.

The International Anti-Corruption Academy consists of several principal bodies: the Assembly of Participants, the Governing Board, the International High Advisory Council, and the International High Academic Council. The Assembly convenes no less than once a year, and thus far, it has held 11 meetings. The upcoming 12th meeting is scheduled for November 9, 2023. These bodies play essential roles in guiding the activities and decision-making processes of the Academy.