Foreign Companies Search For Partners in Turkmen Market

Foreign Companies Search For Partners in Turkmen Market
TATNEFT PJSC offered Turkmen businesses to import its motor oils into the country for sale in the market.

The private sector of the Turkmen economy continues to strengthen its positions. If earlier large foreign companies mainly traveled to Turkmenistan to cooperate with government entities, today entrepreneurs also get interesting offers.

Turkmenistan’s longtime partner from Tatarstan, TATNEFT PJSC, offered local businesses to import its motor oils into the country for sale in the Turkmen market, Orient news outlet reports. The business offer is beneficial in that wholesale and retail prices for the offered goods will be in Turkmen manats, and businesses will not have to convert the national currency.

The branch of a Tatarstan-based company in Turkmenistan requests interested parties to contact with appropriate proposals. The application must include a message about the required quantity of goods.

The Iranian Fisheries Organization (Shilat) also showed interest in cooperation with Turkmen businesses. Through local intermediaries, the company intends to sell in Turkmen market alive, frozen and canned fish, various types of caviar, fish feed, fish oil and syrup enriched with fatty acids Omega 3.

At the same time, the Shilat is ready for partnership with the Turkmen businesses on the issues of technological support for the organization of fish farms, maintenance of fish and seafood growing areas, and the joint development of aquaculture.

In the context of the fact that an increasing number of large foreign companies and organizations seek to cooperate with Turkmen firms, the relevance of the recent launch of the process of Turkmenistan's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) becomes obvious, according to the report.

This timely taken step by the Turkmen government will simplify the cooperation of private structures with their foreign partners and make the cooperation more profitable for both business and ordinary consumers.

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