Abak Increases Number of Cows in Its Livestock Farm

Abak Increases Number of Cows in Its Livestock Farm
Presently, Abak Economic Society’s farm mainly breeds Simmental cows.

Abak Economic Society’s modern livestock farm, located in the Gokdepe etrap of Turkmenistan’s Ahal velayat, contains over 230 calves and over 420 cows, Türkmenistan newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, various facilities are located on 5 hectares out of 200-hectare land allocated for farming to the company. The rest 195 hectares are intended for growing forage crops.

The successful arrangement of buildings on the territory of the farm - stalls, maternity pens, milking parlors- contributes to the success of the farm, according to the newspaper.

The milking parlor of the livestock complex is able to milk 20 cows simultaneously with special automated milking technology. The farm includes more than 215 dairy cattle, each of which produces an average of 18-20 liters of milk per day.

Presently, the farm mainly breeds Simmental cows. The first batch of simmental cows, 66 cows with high milk productivity, were brought to the farm from Ukraine in 2018. In 2019, the farm purchased another 350 cows.