Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency announces tender for the purchase of truck wheels

The Türkmenawtoulaglary Agency announces a tender for the purchase of wheels for trucks

Interested parties are invited to participate in the tender:

  • submit a written application with the participant's full name, legal status, country of registration and details;
  • pay a tender fee of 700 (seven hundred) manat or 200 (two hundred) US dollars for those who are not affiliated by agreement of the parties;
  • receive the Terms of Reference.

The account for transfer of funds will be indicated at the time of submission of the written bid.

Bids will be accepted in sealed envelopes and will be considered upon presentation of the bid fee payment document.

Bids will be accepted within 30 business days from the date of publication of the advertisement at the address below.

Phone numbers for enquiries:

+993 12 39-03-55

+993 12 39-03-40

+993 12 39-03-41

Ashgabat, Archabil Ave. 126
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