Aroma Personal Care Products Enter Turkmen Market

Aroma Personal Care Products Enter Turkmen Market

The products of Aroma, the largest producer of personal care products in Bulgaria, are now available in Turkmenistan. The official dealer of the company in Turkmenistan noted that preparations are underway for the delivery of the third batch of Aroma products.

“At present, you can purchase Aroma hygiene products in a number of large and small shopping centers. Demand is high both for shampoos and soaps, as well as for mouthwashes,” the dealer added.

The Aroma was launched in 1924 as a company that first specialized in the manufacture and marketing of essential oils. AROMA make a quick leap to the post war era, namely during the 1950s and 1960s, the company grew rapidly and soon became the first factory in Bulgaria to launch toothpaste production. In the 1980s, AROMA grew to become a leading cosmetics supplier for the Eastern European countries.

In 2012, Aroma invested € 6 million in the construction of a new production plant that meets all the conditions and requirements of the international standards GMP, BRC and Nordic Ecolabel.

Over 70% of the company’s production is exported to foreign markets.

The company offers several types of toothpastes for adults and children, mouthwashes for cleaning the oral cavity, and dental floss under the brand name Astera. Customers, who purchase the Parodont toothpaste, have the opportunity to test the company's patented oral care system.

The Aroma, under its Zdrave brand, produces organic shampoos, gels and various creams for newborns. These products, made from coconut, sunflower, palm oils and aloe vera, are certified by the international standard of organic and natural products COSMOS. The company also produces various types of hygiene products that are harmless to baby body under its Happy Baby brand.

The company sells most of its shampoos and shower gels under the Aroma brand. Aroma products differ from other conventional brand products by harmlessness to the body, as they are produced using natural extracts of various fruits and flowers.

Aroma produces Kolora and Color trademarked hair dyes. Kolora hair dye contains liquid keratin, a healthy protein for hair, and Regenin, made from natural concentrates. It repairs damaged hairs and gives them strength.

In the production of Color hair dyes, special attention is paid to the harmlessness of the product. Aroma produces these hair dyes using macadamia oil that are considered as the “queen of all nuts”. When used, macadamia oil protects the hair, gives it shine.

The company also offers face cleansers for men under the brand name Viking.