2022: Turkmenistan Commissions 20 Production Facilities

2022: Turkmenistan Commissions 20 Production Facilities
Farm workers taking care of the animals in the livestock complex of Sahabatly economic society

Turkmenistan put into operation three livestock farms, three poultry farms, two refrigerated warehouses, eight greenhouses and four food processing enterprises, the country’s official media reported on Monday.

According to the report, the launch of new productions contributed to an increase in output. 227 new products were launched into production in 2022.

Turkmen entrepreneurs play an important role in the production of agricultural products. They produce various types of meat, milk, ice cream, eggs, fish, flour, sugar, butter, baby food, fruit and vegetable juices and soft drinks.

Milk and meat products are produced at the cattle-breeding complexes of the Sahabatly farm, the Ajaýyp Ussat - halal Önümler, Garlawaç-1, Uly Ynam farms, the Bereketli Jaý private enterprise, and the enterprise of Arslan Chovdurov from Boldumsaz.

The Ajaýp Ussat-halal Önümler produces 25 liters of milk per cow daily, Uly ynam farm produces 8 tons of milk per month, and Sahabatly produces up to 5.5 tons of milk.

About 500 cows and more than 500 goats are raised in the cattle breeding complex of the Sahabatly farm.