First Solar Polyclinic in Turkmenistan: UNICEF's Innovative Project

First Solar Polyclinic in Turkmenistan: UNICEF's Innovative Project
A solar energy system installed at Pelvert Rural Health Center in Halach district of Lebap province (Photo: UNICEF Turkmenistan)

A new pilot solar energy system has been installed in the rural clinic in Pelvert, in the Halach district of eastern Lebap province, the UNICEF's regional office in Turkmensitan reported.

This is the first primary health care facility in Turkmenistan equipped with solar energy, which is part of an innovative project implemented by UNICEF together with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.

The new system provides a continuous supply of clean electricity to run all medical and non-medical equipment in the polyclinic, which will enable the medical facility to provide medical services without interruption, including during natural disasters.

UNICEF developed a comprehensive plan to make health facilities more resilient to climate change and environmentally friendly, in line with global climate agreements. Solar energy technologies are one of the solutions that can put the health and social services sectors on a low-carbon and climate-resilient path. 

Solar energy is one of the best solutions for an uninterrupted, stable, reliable, and clean power supply in a country with abundant sunshine, such as Turkmenistan. 

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