Uzbekistan Starts Production of Nike Footwear

Uzbekistan Starts Production of Nike Footwear
Quality control of Nike sports footwear (Photo:

Uzbekistan, due to a special strategy developed by the Uzcharmsanoat, the association of leather, footwear and fur producers of Uzbekistan, has become one of the producers of Nike products, the country’s UzDaily news website reported on Monday

The company Sino International has successfully implemented all the necessary international quality standards specified by Nike, enabling the launch of its production line in Uzbekistan for a period of five years. 

Sino International has taken various measures, including the establishment of specialized production lines and stringent quality control, to ensure full compliance with Nike's requirements. These efforts have culminated in the production of the first batch of world-renowned Nike brand sneakers at the facility.

As per Nike's strategy, the shoes manufactured in Uzbekistan will initially be targeted for the markets in Central Asia and Pakistan, with plans for future expansion into European markets. 

Like other countries producing sports shoes for Nike, Uzbekistan has obtained an official barcode, granting the company the right to produce the entire range of sneaker models under this globally recognized brand.

In 2019, Nike officially authorized the production of sports shoes bearing its brand in Uzbekistan.

 The products manufactured by Sino International are already being supplied to the markets of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

Starting from next year, the products will also be shipped to Pakistan. Additionally, Sino International is actively pursuing the establishment of Adidas product manufacturing.