Arassa Asman: Drinking Water Delivery in 10 Minutes

Arassa Asman: Drinking Water Delivery in 10 Minutes
Arassa Asman employee delivering the ordered drinking water

Arassa Asman company utilizes advanced technologies to ensure swift and convenient delivery of drinking water, presenting a practical solution through 19-liter bottles. By ordering water from this company, customers can have complete confidence that they will receive purified and delicious water within a mere 10-minute timeframe.

Furthermore, Arassa Asman extends a distinctive proposition to its clientele: the opportunity to experience a trial period of 10 days with their water for a minimal cost of 15 manats. This offer allows individuals to dispel any uncertainties regarding the water's taste and effortlessly select the most comfortable arrangements for themselves. At the same time, the last order within the trial period will cost only 20 manats.

The company accepts orders for water from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm, allowing individuals to place their orders at their preferred time.

Arassa Asman, in collaboration with Asmanexpress, presents a distinctive service that enables customers to swiftly order water along with essential food items within a mere 10-minute timeframe. The price of water per order is 15 manats, and for two bottles, it is 28 manats.

For those desiring a broader selection of products, the Asmanmega service is available. Customers can place an order for water at a price of 14 manats, and along with a diverse range of products, their order will be delivered within 30-45 minutes, with minimal delivery costs.

Regarding the initial order of drinking water, the price for a single bottle is 125 manat, for two bottles it is 250 manat, and for three bottles it is 375 manat. The replacement of a water bottle from another manufacturer is provided free of charge when placing an order.

Asmanexpress proudly stands as the foremost technological online platform in Turkmenistan, providing a 10-minute delivery service. Furthermore, the Asmanexpress online platform extends exclusive offers, promotions, and gifts to new customers.

Through the Asmanexpress online platform, buyers retain complete control over their ordered goods. By adding the desired products to the cart and confirming the order, customers can track the courier's movement on the map.

Customers can download the Asmanexpress mobile app on Google Play and AppStore.


Phone numbers:

+993 61282393

+993 64755997