Doly Horjun Develops New Premium Application

Doly Horjun Develops New Premium Application
Doly Horjun booth at the XVI International Exhibition of Telecommunications, Telemetry, Information Technology and Broadcasting Türkmentel-2023, November 9, 2023, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Doly Horjun introduced the new Horjun Prime application during the XVI International Exhibition of Telecommunications, Telemetry, Information Technologies, and Broadcasting Türkmentel-2023 in Ashgabat on Thursday.

Horjun Prime is a user-friendly application that grants users access to an extensive selection of video content. With Horjun Prime, users can enjoy diverse types of content, such as new movies, TV series, educational and scientific programs, cooking shows, and music channels. The application aims to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience catering to various interests and preferences.

Horjun Prime allows users to enjoy the highest picture quality content, enabling them to watch videos in resolutions ranging from 720p to 4K. This ensures exceptional clarity and detail in visual material, enhancing the viewing experience. Additionally, subscribers have the flexibility to choose the language of the film and customize subtitles in various languages, allowing them to personalize their viewing experience according to their preferences and requirements.

In an interview with Business Turkmenistan (BT), the company's specialists confirmed that the Horjun Prime application will be released in December this year and accessible on Android, iOS, and Android TV platforms. The application will be compatible with various devices, including smartphones and televisions. Additionally, users will be able to access all the features and functions of the app through the newly launched Horjun Prime website.

Users can pay for a monthly subscription to the app using an Altyn Asyr card or by purchasing cards from designated outlets.

Before the development of the Horjun Prime app, Doly Horjun created the HorjunTV platform, which offers viewers a range of free services. On this platform, users can access numerous movies, TV series, cartoons, online TV channels, and various other programs without any cost. Additionally, the platform provides an advertising service, allowing businesses to place advertisements.