Balkan Province to Undergo Development of Iodobromic Water Deposits

Balkan Province to Undergo Development of Iodobromic Water Deposits
Technical iodine production, Turkmenistan

The Balkan province of Turkmenistan has plans to develop new iodobromic water deposits, including Tersakan, Daneata, Etrek, Aladag, and Chalja.

To develop the mentioned iodobromic water deposits, the State Concern Turkmenhimiya (Turkmen Chemicals), on behalf of the tender commission, has announced an international tender to prepare a feasibility study (FS). The announcement regarding this tender was published in the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper on Tuesday.

To participate in the tender, interested parties must submit a written application expressing their intention to participate. The application should provide the participant's full name, legal status, country of registration, and contact details.

Additionally, interested parties are required to obtain a tender document package. The package can be received by paying a fee of $1725, including VAT, or the equivalent amount in manats based on the exchange rate provided by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. This requirement applies to residents of Turkmenistan.

Bids will be accepted under seal within thirty (30) working days from the advertisement's publication date.