Turkmenistan Presents Its Economic and Investment Opportunities in London

Turkmenistan Presents Its Economic and Investment Opportunities in London
International Forum on Investment and Development "Turkmenistan - Investment and Development", November 22, 2023, London, UK.

The International Forum on Investment and Development, titled "Turkmenistan - Investment and Development", commenced in London on Wednesday. The forum aims to present Turkmenistan's economic and investment prospects, the official Turkmen media reports.

More than 350 delegates representing public administration and businesses attended the forum. Numerous private companies and individual enterprises from Turkmenistan, operating across various industries, were also announced during the event. These included construction companies like Gujurly inžener, Döwlet Gurluşyk and Mizemez Gadam and transport and logistics companies like Bir Kuwwat. Additionally, enterprises specializing in food production, such as Balam confectionery factory, Owadan ülke farm, Nurly meýdan poultry farm, Ýigit farm, Oguzabat farm and Halkmarket were also among the participants.

The forum served as a significant platform, bringing together Turkmenistan's leading companies and top officials to explore the country's future development plans. The event provided valuable commercial opportunities for six important sectors of the economy, TULM reported.

The forum highlights current infrastructure and construction projects and identifies potential opportunities for cooperation between the international business community and Turkmenistan.

At the event, foreign investors were introduced to the accomplishments of Turkmen entrepreneurs and the prospects for business and investment collaboration with Turkmen businesses, particularly in transport and logistics. Furthermore, participants were briefed on the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Rysgal operations and Turkmenistan's Transport and Logistics Centre. The aim was to provide comprehensive information to foster engagement and cooperation between foreign investors and Turkmenistan's business entities in these sectors.

The International Forum on Investment and Development of Turkmenistan will be held November 22-23 this year in London, UK. The forum's main objective is to develop existing and new partnerships.