Turkmen Company Dik Aý Launches New Sausage Assortment

Turkmen Company Dik Aý Launches New Sausage Assortment
Sausage products on the counters of shopping centers in Turkmenistan.

Dik Aý, a private enterprise situated in the Shabat district of Dashoguz province, has recently introduced a new type of sausage product at the onset of 2024.

The inaugural batch of Älem cooked sausage, crafted using innovative technologies, is now available in retail outlets across the province, the Türkmenistan newspaper reported on Tuesday.

As reported, Dik Aý private enterprise is renowned for its diverse array of meat products, encompassing over 20 varieties, including semi-smoked sausages such as Altyn Şapak, Köýtendag, Gündogar, Gülzar, Hazar, Aşgabat, along with cooked sausage Marguş.

The enterprise's specialized store in Dashoguz city witnesses a daily sale of approximately 250 kilograms of meat products, accompanied by a range of offerings including milk, dairy products, and other everyday food items.

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