Türkmenýüpek JSV Produced 2,262 tons of Cocoons

Türkmenýüpek JSV Produced 2,262 tons of Cocoons

Türkmenýüpek JSV of the Ministry of Textile Industry produced 2,262 tons of cocoons, exceeding the target production volume of 2,030 tons by 11,5%.

The purchase price of cocoons has been increased in 2019, which further encourages farmers to expand the range and volume of their agricultural products.  

The silk production industry in Turkmenistan starts with mulberry plantation. Once the plant is grown, Türkmenýüpek JSV supplies laying eggs to farmers. These eggs are kept on mulberry leaves in the shade. The silkworms emerge from eggs and consume mulberry leaves until they spin cocoons. These cocoons are then boiled and spun into a fabric.

Ashgabat Silk-reeling Factory, Turkmenabat Silk Production Association, and Rukhabat Panne Velvet Factory are currently the top buyers of Turkmen cocoons.