MBM Entered Filters Market With 32 Products

MBM Entered Filters Market With 32 Products

We frequently use an automobile in our daily life and it requires proper care to avoid unexpected situations. The first rule of proper care is the use of the appropriate spare parts. At present, the production and sale of automotive spare parts stands out as a separate market in business. The national policy which supports the manufacture of local products has led to an increase in the number of entrepreneurs manufacturing auto spare parts.

The individual enterprise Täjir ýoly has been manufacturing filters for almost a year.

The company launched production of filters in the summer of 2018 and has increased its capacity by 5 times since then. IE Täjir ýoly manufactures 32 types of oil and fuel filters under MBM brand. Types of iron and filter papers are used as the raw materials. 

Business Turkmenistan Information Center was given an opportunity to visit the production department of the enterprise located in Mary velayat.

The director of the company, Vepa Halimov, talked about MBM filters:

- We targeted a local market for the supply of filter products. At first, we analyzed the filters used in various types of automobiles and launched the manufacture of filter products in the same quality and characteristics. We sent our engineers abroad to study the process of manufacturing filters for trucks in Turkey, Japan and Iran. And now, we're putting their experience into production.

Halimov has also noted that the company is able to produce an average of 60 thousand units of filters per month, but with increasing demand there is an opportunity to increase the production to 160 thousand units.

36,000 filters are sold in a month.

Currently, MBM filters are being distributed throughout the country for import substitution purposes.

About 6 thousand MBM filters were sold in the local markets in July-August 2018, and this number increased to 36 thousand in March 2019. 

Pointing to these figures as a high indicator, Halimov said: “Our products cost 3 times less than foreign high-quality analogues. In terms of quality, we produce at the same level. At the moment, we are completing negotiations to obtain ISO certification”.

The company plans to start the production of air filters from the end of June, and to start production of filters used in air conditioners for cars within 5 months.