Asman Marketing Gets Acquainted With International Experience

Asman Marketing Gets Acquainted With International Experience
World leading companies participated at the international Printech-2019 exhibition held in the Moscow's Crocus Expo center.

Asman Marketing Group, which provides printing and advertising services to entrepreneurs and enterprises in Turkmenistan, intends to expand the scope of its activities.

Recently, a delegation from the staff of Asman Marketing visited the capital of Russia, Moscow, to get acquainted with the activities of the companies participating in the international Printech-2019 exhibition. The exhibiting companies presented the latest advances in print and advertising technology. At the fifth exhibition, 91 companies from 9 countries demonstrated their products and services in the industry.

At the exhibition held in the Crocus Expo center, more than 100 marketing and advertising industry experts shared their experience with representatives of business circles from different countries at the special brief training seminars. Asman Marketing also took part in a conference dedicated to contemporary design and printing.

Asman Marketing is expected to integrate their experience at the exhibition, which was held on June 18-21, and offer innovative ideas to the customers.