How to Choose the Right Watermelon?

How to Choose the Right Watermelon?

You would not mind eating a cold Turkmen watermelon in hot summer days, would you? After all, its sweetness and easy digestibility by the body makes this product one of the most desirable in the summer season. But you need to make the right choice when buying it. Choosing the wrong watermelon when you go to the market can ruin your day. So, how to choose the sweetest watermelon? With the following recommendations, you can fully enjoy the taste of ripe watermelon.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the shape of the watermelon. Lack of sunlight or an insufficient amount of moisture in the process of maturation can negatively affect both the shape and taste of the fruit.
  2. Look for the field spot. During the ripening of watermelons, yellow spots form on the peel at the places of contact with the soil. However, the absence of these spots or their inconspicuous is evidence of early harvest.
  3. It is also necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the watermelon. In ripe watermelon, the rind has a dark green color and it does not shine. The glossy look of a watermelon rind usually means that it is not ripe.
  4. Try the well-known method of tapping. Despite the fact that watermelon is not easy to choose by this method, it is the most commonly used method in everyday life. If there is a ringing sound when tapping, it means the ripeness, and if it is a dull and weak sound, then the watermelon is still unripe.
  5. Insist on the incision of the watermelon. This method is quite common in the markets and in stores. Many sellers recommend their customers to cut and check the watermelon. If you are going to cut a watermelon, you should notify the seller in advance that you will not buy it if it is not ripe.