Cotton Planting Regulated Telematically in Turkmenistan

Cotton Planting Regulated Telematically in Turkmenistan
The ongoing cotton sowing in Turkmenistan is based on the management of through digital technologies and a telematics system.

The digital system, introduced into the mechanized work of the ongoing cotton sowing in Turkmenistan, is based on the management of this agricultural work through digital technologies and a telematics system.

The widespread introduction of the system in the current year’s sowing season is carried out on the basis of successful testing on the agricultural fields of the Ahal velayat last year. The use of the digital telematics system in this season gives high results in preparing the land for sowing and conducting accurate planting of the crops.

This method also contributes to high-quality and accurate planting of the crops in rows, reducing manual work in its cultivation, for example, by significantly facilitating weeding and thinning. In this regard, tractors and planters were brought into the country on the eve of the sowing campaign as a result of which this method was widely introduced into production in the velayats.

The central control department of the digital telematics system was created in the administrative building of the Agricultural Complex of Turkmenistan, and separate control centers were established in the velayats, and local control points in the etraps. This creates opportunity for planning technical cooperation on agricultural proposals, conducting operational diagnostics and repairs in case of equipment failures.

A harmonious relationship is established between the land owner, the control center and the equipment operator for the transfer and reception of necessary equipment in order to perform production work. The landowner's order, reports on the results of the work performed to date, sent over the Internet through local control points, velayat control centers, go to the central administration department. This in turn reduces the machinery’s non-essential working time and helps to increase productivity.

The main goal of introducing a digital system in mechanized work in the agricultural sector of Turkmenistan is to ensure the innovative development of the country's agricultural sector, successful crop growing and precision land cultivation in accordance with agricultural standards, rational use of land and water resources, increase of crop yields, as well as achieve high productivity and the reliability of agricultural machinery used in cultivation, improvement of the qualifications of specialists, technicians who work with the digital system in the industry.

It also allows to specify the work performed by agricultural machinery, improve reporting, diagnose and repair machinery failures that occur during operation in the shortest time, and achieve accounting for fuel and lubricant consumption.

This is a reliable practical basis for the centralized collection, storage, analysis and processing of information on mechanized work performed in the agricultural industry and for the proper conducting of current production activities.

Turkmenistan launched the cotton sowing campaign in late March. The farmers will plant cotton on nearly 620 thousand hectares of land this year.

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