Digitalization Underway in Turkmen Economy

Digitalization Underway in Turkmen Economy
Today, digitalization is relevant for every industry.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov during a Cabinet of Ministers meeting on July 3 outlined the introduction of digital technologies in all areas of the national economy as one of the priority tasks of the country, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) reported on Tuesday.

Currently, Turkmenistan is implementing the Concept of development of digital economy of Turkmenistan for 2019 – 2025. The document is a road map for the technological transformation of industries and their state management, the formation of a knowledge economy based on the country's enormous resource and production potential.

It includes a number of sections that reflect the goals and objectives of the Concept, ways and mechanisms of its implementation and expected results.

Digitalization ensures not only sustainable positive growth dynamics, but also adaptation to changes in the relative market conditions, minimization of risks caused by external factors.

The regulatory framework is being improved in this area. Thus, Turkmenistan had adopted Laws on Communications (new 2019 edition), on Legal Regulation of Development of Internet Network and Provision of Internet Services in Turkmenistan, on Information and Protection of Information, on Cyber Security, on Electronic Document, Electronic Document System and Digital Services and many other relevant documents.

One of the important steps in this direction is the Resolution on Establishment of Interdepartmental Commission on development of digital economy in Turkmenistan, signed by the Head of State in January of this year. The main task of the Commission is the practical solution of the set tasks and Türkmenaragatnaşyk (Turkmen Communications) agency was identified as the relevant authorized body.

Thus, the very structure of the domestic economy, focused on diversification and industrialization, the production of finished products with high added value, is changing. The privatization process is underway. The foundation has been laid for the development of high-tech, scientifically based and innovative industries, particularly the electronics industry.

Important role in this process belongs to financial sector. Provision of flexible, efficient distribution of financial resources between various spheres of the economy will support to solution of social objectives, enhancement of efficiency of investment processes and provision of stable economic progress, steadfast transit of all branches to advanced technologies.

The prospects for the development of Turkmenistan are directly related to the strengthening of external factors such as further integration into the global economy, activation of mutually beneficial trade, economic and investment partnerships, the emergence of new areas of cooperation on the background of scientific and technological progress, and the development of coordinated solutions to common issues and problems.

Today, digitalization is relevant for every industry. Technical and technological modernization is a significant aspect of the reforms, especially those which are implemented in national agricultural complex.

Digitization of libraries is also a guarantee of development of knowledge society. The process of reading itself has changed significantly with the time and scientific and technological progress.

Digitalization also opens up broad prospects for Turkmen entrepreneurship. In this case, digital transformation implies not only the introduction of modern technologies in business processes, the use of modern equipment and software, the effective use of information resources, but also fundamental changes in management approaches, which opens the way to innovative methods of enterprise development.

Digitalization opens up new opportunities for business collaboration. So, thanks to advanced technologies, geography is no longer an obstacle. Leading companies are already implementing digital transformation strategies.

During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers in February this year, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov announced the allocation of $10 million for the creation of IT centers in Ashgabat and the velayats.

On February 27, the Turkmen Leader signed the Resolution on establishment and implementation of electronic document management system and websites. If necessary, domestic institutions and entrepreneurs with the right to carry out relevant activities will be attracted to works in this direction. 

Today, national mass media, which have specific objectives for transfer to electronic format, are on fundamentally new level of development.. News and thematic materials will be provided to site readers not only in print format, but also in audio and video formats.

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