Austrian Company Proposes Joint Production of Test Systems in Turkmenistan

Austrian Company Proposes Joint Production of Test Systems in Turkmenistan
DiproMed produces various express tests, including for the detection of infections and cardiovascular diseases. (Photo: DiproMed)

Representatives of Turkmen government agencies, media and entrepreneurs held online talks with heads of Austrian companies on Tuesday. The talks were organized by the Austrian-Turkmen Society with the assistance of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Vienna, Orient news outlet reports.

The most relevant proposals were put forward during the discussions focused on medicine, where the CEOs and owners of such leading pharmaceutical companies as Sigmafarm and DiproMed took part.

Both of Europe's leading medical product manufacturers offered not only supplier services, but also the transfer of their extensive know-how.

The Head of Sigmafarm Bernhard Wittmann informed the meeting participants about the activities of the company, as well as products, including sterile and non-sterile sprays, drops and other medicinal products for ear, nose and throat.

In turn, the head of DiproMed Christian Eder briefed about his company specializing in production of various express tests (from the detection of illegal substances and alcohol in the body to determining pregnancy and infections, cardiovascular diseases). The company proposed to apply its experience in this direction in creating a joint production in Turkmenistan.

DiproMed also reportedly manufactures hygiene products, PPE for medical personnel, surgical masks, and FFP2 respirators.