Turkmen Products’ Competitiveness Grows in Foreign Markets

Merdan Jumayev
Turkmen Products’ Competitiveness Grows in Foreign Markets
As a result of the support of domestic producers, the number of quality goods and services that meet the needs of people is constantly increasing.

One of the main directions of the socio-economic policy of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is the comprehensive development of entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan, as well as the expansion of its role through the widespread introduction of modern market methods. In accordance with the economic strategy of the Head of State in the industrialization of the national economy and the manufacture of products competitive in the global markets, entrepreneurship holds special position.

The country is presently implementing complex and systematic tasks to increase the share of the private sector, expand market relations, gradually privatize state enterprises and facilities, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, ensure an abundance of goods in domestic markets, ensure and provide access to services, and create new employment opportunities.

As a result of the support of domestic producers, the number of quality goods and services that meet the needs of people is constantly increasing. This, in turn, has a positive effect on increasing incomes and social security of the population, improving the production capacity of the economy, import substitution and increasing the range of export goods.

The development of the national economy of Turkmenistan is closely related to foreign trade relations. The role of any country in the world economy is determined by the volume of its foreign trade. The more foreign trade a country has, the more important role it has in the world economy. Under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, special attention is paid to improving the structure of imports and stimulating export-oriented industries, taking into account the country's internal interests and the active integration of the domestic economy into the world community. To this end, the country has adopted a State program for the production of import-substituting products in Turkmenistan and a State program for increasing the volume of export products in Turkmenistan.

The program to increase the volume of export products includes 33 projects, including the construction of manufacturing enterprises in the light, food, pharmaceutical, transport and communications industries, in mechanical engineering and agriculture. In turn, the Program for the production of import-substituting products includes 81 projects, including construction materials based on local raw materials, chemicals, household chemicals, agricultural processing, fish products, vegetables and horticulture. Currently, dozens of new facilities for these projects are under construction.

Presently, the country's business system is comprehensively developing, innovative technologies and modern market methods are being widely introduced, the national economy industrializes, high-quality products are produced that are competitive in the world market. the opening in March of this year of new modern greenhouse complexes in Kaka and Ak Bugday etraps of Ahal velayat, Turkmenbashi city of Balkan velayat, the Gorogly etrap of Dashoguz velayat, the Charjev etrap of Lebap velayat, and Sakarchage etrap of Mary velayat can be cited as an illustrative example of such develepoment in the country.

The broad policy of international cooperation pursued by President of Turkmenistan allows entrepreneurs to actively develop mutually beneficial relations with business circles of different countries, international business structures, which contributes to the country's integration into the global economy and facilitates the transition to advanced management methods. Currently, digital technologies are widely used for these purposes.

Merdan Jumayev

Candidate of Masters at Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management