Turkmenistan Records Growth in Sectors of Its Economy in 2021

Turkmenistan Records Growth in Sectors of Its Economy in 2021
Turkmenistan's electricity production saw a year-on-year increase of 11.6% in 2021.

Chairman of the State Committee on Statistics Sylap Velbegov reported on the implementation of the targets for 2021 by ministries and departments during an extraordinary meeting of the "Halk Maslakhaty" of the Turkmen "Milli Gengesh" on Friday.

The meeting hosted by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was attended by members of Halk Maslahaty, members of the government, deputies, heads of ministries and departments, political parties and public organizations, governors and mayors.

According to Velbegov's report, during the period, electricity production increased by 11.6%, and its export - 36.4%, gasoline - 0.5%, lubricating oils - 7.85% and cement - 4.5%, cotton yarn - 24.8%, cotton fabrics - 6.4%.

Positive trends were also observed in agriculture. Last year, compared to 2020, the volume of vegetable production increased by 5%, fruits and berries - 2.6%, potatoes - 9.2%, meat - 0.9%, milk - 0 ,9%.

The production of bread and bakery products increased by 6.3%, confectionery - 7.3%, pasta - 4.1%.

During the period, the output of processed and canned fish and fish products increased by 2.1%, seafood - 9.8%.

“During the period under review, growth was also achieved in the non-state sector. At the same time, the production of pipes made of plastic and fiberglass increased by 33.2%, vegetables - 5.2%, fruits and berries - 7.5%, eggs - 1.2%," the Chairman of the State Statistics Committee Welbegov said.

Last year, Turkmenistan’s natural gas output exceeded 83,77 million cubic meters, its export increased by 34.8% compared to 2020.

Along with this, the Head of the State Statistics Committee informed about the trial population census conducted on December 17–27, 2021 through the use of digital technologies in accordance with the Plan for conducting a complete population and housing census of Turkmenistan in 2022. Currently, measures are being taken to organize this event at the proper level.