Dubai to Host International Roadshow on Turkmen Energy Sector

Dubai to Host International Roadshow on Turkmen Energy Sector
Dubai, UAE

International Roadshow on attracting foreign investments into the energy sector of Turkmenistan will be held in Dubai on April 26-27 this year, the online newspaper of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan reported on Monday.

The upcoming event will focus on attracting investments into energy projects in Turkmenistan and strengthening regional partnership for further development of the energy sector.

The roadshow will particularly aim to attract investments in offshore blocks of Turkmenistan, and to development of the next phase of the Galkynysh field, the second largest gas reserve in the world.

It will bring together leading national and international energy companies as well as experts who shape the future of the oil-gas industry not only in Turkmenistan but also in the region.

The roadshow is organized by Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas), Türkmennebit and (Turkmen Oil) state concerns, Türkmengeologiýa (Turkmen Geology) State Corporation in partnership with Turkmen Forum and UK-based GaffneyCline.

Turkmenistan is a key player in the oil-gas market in Asia. The hydrocarbon resources of Turkmenistan are estimated at more than 71 billion tons of oil equivalent, which is more than 20 billion tons of oil and more than 50 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.

Turkmenistan also has the world's fourth largest proven reserves of natural gas after Russia, Iran and Qatar.

The largest consumer of natural gas of Turkmenistan is China (more than 30 billion cubic meters annually). Turkmenistan also supplies gas to Russia and through swap operations to Azerbaijan via Iran.