Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company’s branch in Turkmenistan announces tenderfor the supply of spare parts

Chuangqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd under CNPC, operating through its branch in Turkmenistan (hereinafter referred to as CCDCT), is ready to purchase spare parts for industrial diesel engines CAT 3512A, CAT 3512B, C18

Suppliers who are qualified and able to supply must provide the following documents. CCDCT will select a supplier according to the documents provided. Submissions should include, but not be limited to, the following documents:

  1. Power of attorney and identity card of the person submitting documents.
  2. Full name of the prequalification participant, its legal status, country, number, date of registration and details of the servicing bank, legal address (location), attach copies of registration documents, licenses, certificates, agreements, contracts and other documents.
  3. The history of deliveries of spare parts for CAT industrial diesel engines, letters of recommendation from partners, the possibilities and terms of deliveries, the route of transportation, the method of transportation, the type of packaging, the state of creditworthiness, and more.
  4. The Prequalifier must provide appropriate supporting documents, such as a Power of Attorney from Caterpillar or a Power of Attorney from a Caterpillar Authorized Selling Agent, to ensure that the products provided are genuine Caterpillar diesel generator parts.

Documentation for prequalification must be submitted to the address below (before 18.00) within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement.

Contact person: Maksat Atayev.

Phones for inquiries: (9563) 44-52-00, +99365-81-91-71.

E-mail address: send the electronic version to tkmscbzqgk@cnpc.com.cn, the fact of receipt must be recorded by the contact person.

Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, 553/3 Block B, office No. 405, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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