The State Construction Committee of the city of Arkadag announces a tender for the construction of facilities of the second phase

The State Committee on Construction of Arkadag under the President of Turkmenistan jointly with the Mayor's office of Arkadag city announces a tender for the design and construction of second stage facilities of Arkadag city:

  • kindergartens, each for 320 places (9 units);
  • comprehensive schools, each for 720 places (5 units);
  • five-storey, 30-apartment apartment buildings, (36 units);
  • five-story, 40-apartment apartment buildings (36 units);
  • seven-storey 42-apartment apartment blocks (24 units);
  • nine-storey 54-apartment apartment buildings (14 units);

Applications and proposals of interested parties are accepted until August 18, 2023 in the building of the City Hall of Arkadag City at the address below.

Phone number for information:

(+99312) 52-55-71



Arkadag, Arkadag Avenue 30
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