Turkmen Food Products in Spotlight at F-Istanbul Exhibition

Turkmen Food Products in Spotlight at F-Istanbul Exhibition
F-Istanbul International Food Fair, July 12, 2023, Istanbul, Türkiye

The F-Istanbul international food exhibition started its work in Istanbul on July 12, with 16 producers from Turkmenistan. The exhibition focuses on food, beverages, processing, and packaging.

The organizers of the exhibition informed Business Turkmenistan that this year Turkmen companies are taking an active part in the exhibition. The organizers note that not only companies but also individual entrepreneurs from Turkmenistan visited the exhibition.

Confectionery products from Altyn Ýunus, Kilwan, Täze Aý, Balşeker, Ak Gar, Balam, Misgär, Altyn Şöhle, Mekan, and Kindi were presented at the exhibition. Turkmen companies Parahat, Arçalyk, Parasatly, Mähriban-Merw, Sada, and Çäksiz lezzet presented their products to foreign buyers.

More than 500 companies from 20 countries are participating in the event, where food products labeled "Made in Turkmenistan" are also actively demonstrated. More than 15,000 businessmen from 96 countries are expected to visit the exhibition, which will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center from July 12 to 14.

Several Turkmen companies took part in the international food exhibition "F-Istanbul" in 2022. The exhibition opens access to international markets, new partnerships, and opportunities to expand business ties, which makes it attractive for Turkmen entrepreneurs and companies.