Iş Nokady Opens Third Coworking Center in Ashgabat

Iş Nokady Opens Third Coworking Center in Ashgabat
The third coworking center of the company Iş Nokady that opened in the shopping mall "Arkach", June 1, 2024, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

The company Iş Nokady opened its third coworking center on June 1st in the Arkach Shopping Mall in Ashgabat. This new center offers modern and comfortable workspaces equipped with all necessary amenities. Here, you can develop your business, network with like-minded individuals, participate in business events and training seminars, conduct meetings, find new partners, and expand your network.

The advantages of the Iş Nokady coworking center include convenient location, modern equipment, an increased number of workstations, a comfortable atmosphere for productive work with convenient furniture, powerful computers, and stable internet. The coworking center also features relaxation areas and a library for leisure and communication, while the conference hall for 150 people is designed for various events.

Furthermore, the company arranges business events, seminars, and workshops aimed at fostering business development and enhancing skills. 

Iş Nokady coworking center is an innovative space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and IT specialists in Turkmenistan and provides comfortable and equipped workspaces, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, business literature, and educational events.