Plastic Pallets Made in Turkmenistan Ease Transportation of Goods

Plastic Pallets Made in Turkmenistan Ease Transportation of Goods

Pallets intended for the carriage of goods of various types are one of the main tools of the warehouse premises for finished products. Pallets noticeably facilitate the movement of goods for manufacturers.

Manufacturers first started using plastic pallets in the 1960s. We know that people have been using wooden pallets and skids since at the 1st millennium BC. Given the strength of plastic pallets in comparison with wooden pallets, they quickly conquered the markets.

Plastic pallets are much lighter than wooden ones, and are distinguished by their carriage capacity. Their chemical composition allows them to be sterile, easy to clean, and non-porous. Another characteristic that most puts plastic pallets a step above wooden ones is their service life; they can last up to five times longer. The use of wooden pallets usually lasts up to 2 years, while plastic pallets made of polypropylene can last up to 10 years.

Loading goods of different types on ordinary wooden pallets can create some problems with transportation. Rapid damage to wooden pallets in wet conditions also affects the product. Plastic pallets with their water resistance and endurance to any weather conditions make it much easier for companies who export their products.

Plastic is a recyclable material that manufacturers can melt, reshape, and re-prepare for its next use. Meanwhile, wood is not recyclable.

Different types of plastic pallets are produced in Turkmenistan. These pallets vary in size and carriage capacity. Plastic pallets in length and width are 1.2 meters, in height - 15 cm.

While wood pallets can also carry a heavy load, since they fail on qualities like resistance to weather, moisture, and wet environments, they cannot maintain those loads for as long. Plastic pallets with 18 kg weight can withstand 4.5 tons of pressure in a statistical state, and 1.5 tons in a dynamic state. There are also plastic pallets with a size of 1.1x1.3 meters.

Pallets produced in Turkmenistan are resistant to temperatures from -20 to +60 Celsius degrees. Taking into account their chemical resistance, polypropylene and polyethylene pallets can also be used when storing chemicals.

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