GUNT – Turkmenistan-Made Brake Pad Brand

GUNT – Turkmenistan-Made Brake Pad Brand

The serviceability of auto parts, which have become an integral part of our lives, reassures both drivers and passengers. Proper auto care begins with the right choice of spare parts.

Entrepreneurs began to take an active part in the production of auto parts in Turkmenistan.

One of the private businesses establishing import-substituting production is the Ajap Önüm Economic Society, which began manufacturing brake pads in Turkmenistan.

In an interview with Business Turkmenistan, a representative of Ajap Önüm said the production began in early November. Turkmenstandartlary Main State Service issued on December 26 a Certificate of Conformity for the products of the enterprise.

The company, which aims to provide car owners with brake pads at an affordable price, established the production of high-quality, import-substituting products.

Brake pads fit most cars

The enterprise, located in Mary velayat’s Wekilbazar etrap in the southeastern Turkmenistan, is designed to annually produce an average of more than 300 thousand sets of brake pads.

Ajap Önüm’s brake pads are mainly targeted at passenger car market. The pads produced by the company are suitable for most passenger cars in Turkmenistan.

The first samples of brake pads were tested on modern testing equipment. After receiving positive results, the company launched at full capacity the brake pad production.

The company initially plans to provide the domestic market with spare part. GUNT brake pads will be sent to all retail outlets of Turkmenistan on the eve of 2020. After the completion of the ongoing process, the company plans to work on the possibilities of exporting its products.

Entrepreneurs who started the business under the motto “Reliable Power Behind Speed” attach importance to the environmental safety of products and production technologies.

The company's goal is to become the most reliable and favored brand in the local brake pad market.