Turkmen Fashion House Stitches Exclusive Outfits With National Embroidery

Mähirli Zenan fashion house, specializing in tailoring exclusive women's clothing, incorporates Turkmen national decorative techniques in its dresses.

In an interview with Business Turkmenistan, the representative of the fashion house said the national clothes from the Mähirli Zenan brand are stitched in a single copy. The products of the fashion house can be purchased at its store at the Bagtyýarlyk  Shopping and Entertainment Center in Ashgabat.

Specialists of the fashion boutique first draw sketches of dresses, based on which they choose fabrics and colors. The selected fabrics are then decorated with ancient Turkmen embroideries. The fashion house employs its own embroiderers and dressmakers.

According to the representative, the dresses with national embroideries are also ordered by foreign citizens, who admire the handicrafts preserved over the centuries.

Mähirli Zenan fashion house aims to popularize Turkmen national clothes abroad by taking part in exhibitions and fashion shows in foreign countries.

The fashion house was established in August 2019.