Main New Year Tree of Turkmenistan Shines Bright

Main New Year Tree of Turkmenistan Shines Bright

Turkmenistan’s main New Year tree lighted up with bright colors, announcing the imminent arrival of the beloved and long-awaited, joyful and good holiday, TDH news agency said on Tuesday.

According to the established tradition, the center of the New Year's celebrations was the square in front of the Älem Cultural and Entertainment Center, which housed the country’s tallest New Year tree and a magical town.

The height of the tree, crowned with an eight-pointed star and the numbers 2021, is 41 meters long and 16 meters wide.

Dressed with colorful balls, beads, firecrackers, sparkling tinsel and garlands, it has become one of the most attractive symbols of the coming year. As never before, all of humanity is waiting for it with the hope of renewal and a prosperous life.

Following the capital's green beauty, all the New Year trees in the main squares of cities and villages of velayats sparkled with lights.