Turkmenexporters Launches New Features for Businesses

Turkmenexporters Launches New Features for Businesses
TurkmenExporters.com.tm export platform enabled the online determination of the Customs Code of Goods (HS Code) for the first time in Turkmenistan.

TurkmenExporters.com.tm export platform has now two new sections: "Favorable offers" and "Empty cargo vehicles". For the first time in Turkmenistan, the Customs Code (HS Code) of goods can be determined online through this platform.

The founder of the platform told Business Turkmenistan about the new sections: In the section "Favorable offers" we collect information about goods for export, which are readily available from Turkmen producers at favorable prices. In other words, we offer more favorable prices for buyers than regular prices. The section "Empty cargo vehicles" is important for both exporters and importers. This section will help owners of empty vehicles and transporters to find each other in a short time to transport goods from Turkmenistan to foreign countries and from foreign countries to Turkmenistan. Thus, business people can choose the most suitable colleagues without wasting time.

Possibility to determine the Customs Code of goods online

For the first time in Turkmenistan, the TurkmenExporters.com.tm export platform has launched a new service - the online determination of the Customs Code of Goods (HS Code).

The HS Code is a classification system for goods in international trade, usually consisting of six digits (7 to 10 in some countries). This code is shown on the document when the goods are exported or imported, and the goods are classified according to their intended use (clothing, machinery, etc.) and economic sector (textile industry, food products, etc.). The amount of customs duties, processing of customs declaration, requirements for product certification, compliance of the product and its packaging with technical regulations, and other factors depend on the HS Code.

The TurkmenExporters.com.tm platform was launched in 2017 with the aim of creating a unified database of Turkmen exporters and importers, promoting the export of Turkmen export products to foreign countries, and encouraging cooperation between producers and customers. TurkmenExporters.com.tm, Turkmenistan's leading online export platform, provides the international business community with the latest and most reliable trade information about Turkmenistan.

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