Central Asian Data Center Market to Grow to $179.7 Million

Central Asian Data Center Market to Grow to $179.7 Million
Microsoft's sustainable data center in Sweden (Photo: mspoweruser.com)

Central Asia’s data center market will reach $179.7 million in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.47% during 2022–2028, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing Arizton's (an innovative company providing comprehensive market research reports, advisory, and consulting services) latest research report.

Free trade zones offer tax breaks and other incentives to attract investors, which can boost economic growth. The adoption of cloud-based services and big data drives the demand for data center facilities in Central Asia.

Regional governments are investing in initiatives that support the digital economy and industrial growth. These initiatives include smart city projects, which are expected to boost the region's development.

The data center market encompasses all hardware-related expenses for setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, and network infrastructure. The market size of the Central Asian data market center totaled $65 million in 2022.

On May 1, 2022, Turkmentelecom, state telecommunications company, launched a new service that rents dedicated servers for hosting projects with high load and many sites.