Nurly Meydan Can Produce 12 Million Chickens Yearly

Nurly Meydan Can Produce 12 Million Chickens Yearly
Working process at Nurly Meýdan, Bereket etrap, Balkan province, Turkmenistan.

The Nurly Meýdan farm is equipped with a hatchery facility capable of raising 12 million chickens every year, the official Turkmen media reported on Wednesday.

In addition, the farm in the Bereket district of the Balkan province can produce 8,000 tonnes of chicken meat and 16 million eggs annually. Currently, the farm has approximately 50,000 laying hens, with plans to increase production to 200,000 hens per year.

As reported, the Dayhan farm's advanced enterprises exclusively produce mixed fodder for poultry, boasting an annual production capacity of 72 thousand tonnes. The farm has implemented modern facilities that adhere to stringent standards for the maintenance and breeding of chickens.

Nurly Meýdan was the country's first farm to implement an incubation project by establishing a poultry farm featuring an advanced incubator. This project utilized proven advanced technologies from the modern poultry industry. Additionally, the poultry farm also operated the Enelik Towuk project.